<p>Okay so I am looking for schools next to the D.C. area mainly bc that is where the world bank is located and working there would be like my dream job, not to mention good IR programs @ G.W.U and American. However i'm trying to find other close by Schools that have a good program in these fields. Anyone know about delaware and maryland in terms of IR or developmental econ.?


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<p>Well, it WOULD help if you gave some statistics or something.</p>

<p>Look at James Madison which is about an hour away.</p>

<p>University of Maryland and George Mason University are the two big publics in the area. Of course, there is Georgetown.</p>

<p>I mentioned James Madison and Goucher in one of your previous threads</p>

<p>I put some of your stats (your sat score and your ACT score) in the College MatchMaker program. That program came up with 7 colleges with an International Relations major that fit your profile within 100 miles of the Longworth House Office Building. They are:</p>

George Mason University
Goucher College
Trinity College in D.C. (all female school)
University of Mary Washington
Washington College
Wilson College</p>

<p>Hope this helps.</p>