Careers For Economics Grads

<p>Why do Economics grads earn more than Business grads? Do Economics grads earn more than Accounting grads?</p>

<p>How well you network, what school you go to, and your work experience are bigger factors to take into account than just your major when it comes down to determining how much you will earn. </p>

<p>To me economics is on the same level as finance. </p>

<p>I still give Accounting the upper hand to both just because they can apply to any position an economics/finance major will apply to plus accounting positions (which is huge).</p>

<p>It doesn't work the other way around. Economics and finance majors cannot apply to accounting position unless they have taken the proper accounting classes.</p>

<p>The average salaries for economics majors are skewed because the top schools like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, etc. don't offer business majors like finance or accounting, so many students use economics as a proxy. So I would guess if you look at income data for schools excluding the top 15-20, finance/accounting/econ majors would all have similar averages. So my advice is to pick whichever one you find the most interesting, as each can lead to a good career.</p>