Careers in Chemical Engineering w/o going into the oil and gas field ?

What are some careers i could go into with a chemical engineering degree.

I don’t want to go into oil and gas?

My interest include:
Anything with people
Something Medical

I just want to know what else I can do.

Definitely cosmetic companies
Pharmaceutical companies
Drug development research
Environmental engineering for water treatment
Materials science for any industry including medical

Look at university chemical engineering websites for concentration options and the courses required.

My D is a chem E student and she doesn’t know anyone interning in oil/gas. She’s working for a big polymer company that makes everything from paint resins to coatings for internal dwelling medical devices. Other friends are working in biotech, pharma, food manufacturers, household goods manufacturers, NASA, plastics sustainable/enviro etc…

It’s a very versatile degree to be the gateway to many industries. You can definitely pair it with your current interests.

Cosmetic companies, oleo chemicals, corn based products, working for a distillery or a brewery.

I am under the impression that a lot of ChemE work in labs. One of my college roommates years ago was a ChemE. She went to grad school and works for an environmental engineering firm.

My D is a Chem E and cooped so many of her friends are Chem Es. The majority of them she knows work in industry in process, maintenance, etc. I’m not aware of anyone who works in labs. It could be however, that since she worked (and works) in industry that that is who she comes in the most contact with. I can see a person who went to grad school working more in research.

I graduated with a bunch of ChemEs - a quick scan of my facebook feed for where they ended up (keep in mind this is 25 years later):
3 doctors
1 physician assistant
2 at beverage companies
1 ended up at an environmental consulting company
1 is in policy at the state department
2 went into finance
1 management consulting
1 food scientist
1 professor
1 at a biotech startup

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I’m a chemical engineer, and I’m a thin film process engineer. In my current position, I make coatings for low emissivity windows–my job uses plasma chemistry, vacuum science, material science, optics, etc…

I honestly never would have even thought oil and gas when thinking ChemE. Around here 3M and General Mills recruit a lot of the graduates.

When jobs were tight for ChemE in Colorado, new grad friends of my daughter considered oil/gas jobs in Texas.

I found this link via Google search (so can’t vouch for its accuracy, but seems helpful)

Note that some schools have closer ties to some industries than others. For most schools you can look up the first destination surveys to see where the chem es are working post graduation.

Lots of options and it’s what you want to make it out to be. I have a Chem E degree and started at Oil & Gas but went into enterprise software (business side) and now have my own business in telecom. I mentor many young women engineers at my alma mater (UCLA) that you will have multiple career paths and options. This degree helped me understand problem solving with grounded engineering perspective. It definitely set me apart. Keep your mind open, stay creative and seize all opportunities coming your way!

My husband is a Chem E and he is an attorney and uses his Chem E knowledge in a lot of his cases!

My daughter is going for a Chem E degree. Does anyone know how the Chem E. field will be affected by Covid in the years to come?

No one really knows how any field will be affected by COVID-19 long term.

@parent11223344 - I think it is going to depend on the industry. My D’s co-op at a big polymer company is still a go. HR reached out again yesterday. They are an essential service so are running at capacity.

Consumer products tend to not be a sexy field to work in but they typically are more recession resistant.

Lake Jr. is a ChemE major and did internships and co-ops in bio-materials science and computer hardware manufacturing. He also has strong interest food science, sustainable energy and…oil and gas.

Does anyone know the pay scale for food scientist?

No clue how accurate but.

There must be an association that has up to date figures

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