Carleton 2023 RD

I don’t yet see this so thought I would start one…good luck everyone.

S19 applied RD. Really hoping for an acceptance! Thanks for starting this thread.

Just a reminder to those applying to Carleton regular decision: DO NOT to ignore the Fritch and Strong merit scholarships made available by the college and worth $40,000 over the four years of study… It’s a simple, one-page online application needed to be considered. No essays – simply name, address and date on which you submitted your application. See the following link to the page on Carleton’s website:

You might doubt you’ll qualify (just as we doubted), but our student received a Fritch. Please, take the 3 minutes to fill out the online form. Deadline is Feb 15, 2019, but do it now!

@MinnesotaDadof3 Thanks, I just applied. Had no idea about Fritch and Strong, but it would be very welcome if I get in.

Good luck to everyone. Deleting my account due to a moderator’s behavior and heading to reddit. I do wish everyone the best and am certain everyone will wind up at their perfect fit. ?

@minnesotadadof3 thanks for the heads up. I do think this award is unknown to many. I don’t think S19 would be considered since we are in Chicago suburbs (obviously a metro area bigger than 200,000) and not middle-income. Great for those who can be considered though…and boy I wish there were some other merit awards because we will be full price at Carleton and will have to see what happens with other schools where he may get some merit. Carleton stays a favorite, though, so it’s most definitely a contender if he gets in.

@MinnesotaDadof3 , I am wondering what income range qualifies for “middle-income” for purposes of these scholarships at Carleton?

@splokey I agree since what’s the point of having a merit scholarship that is only for kids who have parents in a certain income range? Families who need merit/grants will probably already get them from Carleton.

@splokey: My guess is that any student/family who qualifies for at least $4,500 in need-based financial aid from Carleton might qualify. I mention that dollar amount because $4,500 of the $10,000/year of the Fritch and Strong scholarships automatically replaces what otherwise is $4,500 of college-provided need-based aid provided to the student. The intent is to help middle-income families.

That said, I’m guessing a family’s income could exceed $200,000, especially of the family has TWO students in college at the same time. Perhaps query Carleton’s financial-aid gurus. Otherwise, just make the application and see what happens!

Thanks @MinnesotaDadof3 for the heads up – mentioned the Strong scholarship to my D19 as something she should take a shot at. I don’t hold out a lot of hope – getting into Carleton will be hard enough – but it’s worth the brief effort, and we seem to be the target audience.

I saw info that the last two years Carleton notices went out on 3/21 and 3/22… Think it’s safe to assume that’s about the same timing it’ll be this year? This is my daughter’s #1 choice school, but she seems to be right on the line based on typical accepted students stats. So, she’s waiting on this school before making her final decision (and it’s driving ME crazy! :slight_smile:

Right there with you @ProudWADad. My son didn’t apply to Carleton until early January after he attended a information session which changed his thinking in regards to applying to a smaller school. This is such a long process with a lot of waiting after all the work on applications and essays.

Just got an email notice-- 3/22 at 6 pm Central Time

I thought it said 8:00 Minnesota time. Which is CST.

Oh yeah, you are right. I’m on the west coast. My daughter told me 6:00… she meant that’s the time she’ll be getting notice here.

Hearing the exact date makes me realize how nervous I am about this one. S19 had an awesome interview - three hours long! And he went to an local alumni holiday event at an alumni’s home. He’s visited, sat in on class, etc. It’s a favorite on his long list. And when push comes to shove, it’s the second closest to home and we have family in St Paul. He also has a friend who ED’d to Carleton and will be there in the fall. He’s applied to a dozen schools that are farther away but, honestly, Carleton has everything he wants and needs. Crossing my fingers big time for a yes here!

It sounds like we’re waiting on a lot of the same schools @homerdog :slight_smile: . Carleton’s the only one in my son’s top 4 that we haven’t been able to visit yet. We have a tentative trip visit scheduled for spring break (first week of April); it’s going to be a bummer if we have to cancel at the last minute because he doesn’t get in!

@kokotg don’t want to go to admitted students days instead? I know it means missing school so I get it. S19 could be missing a Friday or Monday here and there in April to visit schools. He went to an admitted day at Grinnell last week and meeting other prospective students ended up being a very important part of the day.

@homerdog he’s homeschooled but taking two dual enrollment classes this semester, so missing class is really tricky. He’s already missed one Friday for a scholarship weekend; missing Mondays is worse because he has lab that day. I also have a six year old, so we really need to go when my husband can either come along or stay home with him (and he’s a teacher, so spring break works for that, too). Our spring break happens to line up with admitted students day at St. Olaf’s, though, so we’ll hit that one at least!

@homerdog and @kokotg do you mind if I ask where y’all are from? Carleton is definitely a top choice for D, and I’m trying to guess if being from California is a help or a hindrance.