Carleton Class of 2025 — Regular Decision Date: By April 1

I got waitlisted as well.

It seems like they waitlisted a huge chuck of applicants, which I guess is what we can expect this year.

My son got rejected. Bummer! He was one of students invited for the fly-in program, but flat-out rejected…

Accepted from california



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Accepted from CA as well


Disappointing about the wait list, but I’m confused. I thought your student was accepted ED to Bates.

Why are so many of us waitlisted :sob::sob:


What is your major? BTW, are admission decisions based on majors?

Son from WA is in!

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First intended math, second statistics, and third comp sci. Thanks for your kind words!

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I was accepted! (From Kentucky) Very excited!!!

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Congratulations to those accepted!

Accepted students, please post your majors.

Yes, one kid definitely is going to the ED school. Other kid WL at Carleton. Very different year for each of them.

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Our son from WA also in! Potential majors are History or PoliSci/Int’l Relations.

I should have realized you had twins, my bad. I can’t imagine going through the process with twins, especially this year. Hang in there.

In from Texas - music/environmental science.

Good luck to all waitlisters.

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Accepted! Texas: Educational Studies, Economics, and Public Policy as my areas of interest.

Accepted! North Carolina: undecided
But I just declined it because I’m going to UNC hehe. Best of luck to y’all on the waitlist!

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For all of you on the waitlist: Carleton College Waitlist Class of 2025

I know this is a bit belated, but I was accepted from the San Francisco Bay Area with an intended major in geology!

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