Carleton College Fall 2022 Admission Stats

According to an article in The Carletonian, Carleton College has a 16.5% acceptance rate for Fall 2022, with 8,583 applications received. As of May 12, 546 students have accepted a position in the class.

40% of incoming students identify as BIPOC. 9.7% are international.


Thanks for the information. Any indications that their class is complete (ie no waitlist movement)?

Hi - the article doesn’t mention anything about the waitlist. 546 accepted a position in the class, which is 24 fewer than last year. However last year was making up for a smaller class in 2020 (due to covid).

For further details, this links to the Carletonian article:

For more context, some statistics for other colleges for this year’s admission cycle appear here:

Thank you!