Carleton College Waitlist Class of 2024

I was unfortunately waitlisted at Carleton, but my interest remains high. I know that schools across the country are waitlisting higher numbers of students this year due to COVID, but Carleton has historically had low acceptance rates off the waitlist. How do you think my chances of getting admitted off the waitlist compare to previous years? (I sent an additional letter of rec from a teacher and replied to the waitlist form expressing my continued interest)

Are you full pay? I imagine that will figure into who comes off the WL, if anyone.

@Youdon’tsay Yes, I am full pay as in I’m willing to pay full tuition and would probably not be offered financial aid. I was wondering, though, if they know I am full pay… because I DID apply for financial aid, but wouldn’t expect to get any. Is it worth sending them another email saying I will attend even without any aid?

I was also waitlisted at carelton. Has anyone heard anything from the admissions office? And I’m an international student’s who would require an immense amount of financial aid to attend, so I’m guessing that will impact my chances heavily.

Was just accepted off the waitlist! By the way it sounded though they were only taking a small handful of students.

Wow. Congrats!
Were you also seeking financial aid or you’re full pay?


@Dreamsreoccuring Um did they text or call or what? I emailed them two days ago, and they said they would know if they were going to use the waitlist after May 1.

@Sammy2016 I’m full pay, but they weren’t clear on my finances when I applied because I checked no aid but my dad sent the FAFSA anyways. They cleared it up during my phone call

@honestlyidek I got a call first and when I missed it (was only looking for a Northfield area code) I got a text to call back.
I think a big part of my waitlist and then acceptance was they had already taken a few kids from my school ED and then even more RD, so when the RD kids declined it opened a spot for me.

I also got off the waitlist! I got a call from an admissions counselor today, May 1st.

@beenewuser r u full pay?

Yes. I did apply for financial aid originally, but emailed admissions last week saying I wouldn’t be needing it to attend. But I feel like they’ll probably take students that applied for financial aid later on, most colleges are just accepting full pay students earlier cause of COVID.

@honestlyidek ^^

I was also waitlisted there :slight_smile:

Did you guys write a letter of continued interest? Or did you just submit the wait list reply form?

@maleekah No LOCI, just submitted the waitlist reply form with my contact info

@maleekah I only submitted the reply form but basically put my LOCI in the update box (with multiple paragraphs of updates on academic achievements and why Carleton info). My counselor also called the school and had a long conversation with an admissions counselor, and they told her they take note of that as well. Best of luck!!

did you guys get the email about the waitlist update?

Yes @chickenlover23

Can you share the language of the email?

We were delighted that you accepted our April offer to remain on the waitlist at Carleton. Now that’s it’s mid-June, we wanted to briefly convey that we won’t officially confirm our Class of 2024 until mid-July.

Until such time as you hear differently from us, our waitlist remains active. We still have you down as a potential candidate for the next class, should spots open up. If that is incorrect, please let us know.

We remain grateful for your interest!