Carleton ED1 2025

Hi! I applied ED1 to Carleton college and thought I’d start a thread of other ED applicants! Does anyone have an idea of when decisions will be realized? From looking at other years, it seems like December 15th is when we will find out.

Hi! I am in the same boat as you, and I think the decisions come out on the 10th of December, 8:00 pm Minnesota time, as per the mail I received from Carleton. I am getting quite anxious about it to be honest.

I received the email as well. But the admission web says it will be 15th. I hope 10th will be true.(I am Chinese students so it will be 11th for me)

I am a Nepalese student, so it’s gonna be the 11th for me as well. Stressful times!
Good luck with your decisions.

We didn’t get any email that the results will come out on 12/10 at 8 PM, but my son is a US Applicant (although we aren’t from MN state but from WA). Wondering why we didn’t get this email.

Maybe you missed it in your spam folder or something like. It was mailed on the 26th of November if I am not mistaken.
Besides, even if you haven’t received the mail, I don’t think there is any particular reason for so.
Good luck to your Son! It’s a stressful 2-day wait.

Thanks for the reply, Good luck to you as well Avay23.

Actually, it indeed was in the Junk folder. We got it too on the same date.

good luck to you as well

The FA page and upload page in my portal disappeared. Does this mean the final decisions have been made?

The ED results are available now on the Admissions status page. My son GOT Accepted (Wohoo!!!). Hope you folks got in as well. Stay safe…

Hi Bvriyer1, first of all, congratulations!!! I am a parent. My son is a junior now, his top choice is Carleton College. Probably will go for ED. May I ask to get admitted by ED, what grades ( GPA, AP, SAT) you think are needed? Thank you! Cindy

Hi Sagiri, good to know you applied from China, so will my son. Did you get in by ED?