Carleton SWP

<p>Hey, all.
So, I'm attending the Summer Writing Program at Carleton this year, and I absolutely can't wait for it :D.
Anyway, I just wanted to know if any other CCers were planning on going as well, so we could get to know each other beforehand!</p>

<p>I'll start: My name's Matt, I'm from CT and I absolutely unfailingly neverendingly love French.</p>


<p>nope. but I'm sure you'll have tons of fun! :) The weather's really nice so far...and most of the ppl there are really nice & friendly :)</p>

<p>I was born in CT! [random lol].</p>

<p>Oh you're out there now? Nice!</p>

<p>And whereabouts, if you don't mind me asking?</p>

<p>also post this on the summer program forum you'll get more responses...probably.</p>

<p>huh? LOL i was born in Hartford!!! I have a lot of family up there so i visit often :) plus i many of my childhood memories were in CT. But most of them live in Rocky Hill if you know where that is...</p>

<p>I <3 CT I also like how it's so close to NY & Mass. (30 mins from Boston...?)</p>

<p>Ah, I wasn't aware of such a board. Thanks!</p>

<p>Ohh you're up there in the north; I'm a bit north of New Haven, myself (Bethany, you won't have heard of it). But, you might've heard of Amity? I don't know.
And nope, no clue where Rocky Hill is.</p>

<p>Yeah CT is nice; my part is very rural and quiet, beautiful in the fall and when there's a nice fog x). Plus, of course, the proximity to NY is amazing, considering I'm a big Yanks fan as well. I don't know if Boston's 30 mins from Hartford, but I'm about two hours -.-</p>

<p>^ Nice! :D</p>

<p>I've never been down to new haven but all I know is that Yale is over there. I hate rural areas since they can get very boring but I like having a peace of mind & quietness.</p>

<p>Have fun @ Carleton :D Don't forget to make a trip to the Mall of America too :)</p>

<p>Haha yeah that's what most people know about New Haven (or teens anyway). It does get boring, yes, but now that I've learned how to drive on the main road connecting me everywhere, I can get out! >D</p>

<p>Thanks! I will. Incidentally, Dad and I are taking the trip a bit early so we can do Mall of America+Macalaster</p>