Carleton Transfer 2021

Anyone know when decisions are out?

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Last year they only came out right before May 15, so I think we still have to wait a week or two :frowning: I do not think the decisions will be out in April.

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They’re coming out Wednesday evening!


OMG, did they send out an email or something?

I have deadlines for enrollment coming up so I reached out to them!

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Thank you for sharing!! Good luck bro

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Did they say what time decisions will be released? Weird that they did not send an email.

They sent one yesterday that said 8pm!

huh, I didn’t get it. Good luck tho

Oh weird. Thanks! Good luck too!

Waitlisted :frowning:

Me too!

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:joy: :sparkling_heart:
I hope we’ll get in eventually!!
I wonder how much possibility we have…