carleton v wellesley

<p>While I've read almost every recent thread about Wellesley, I'm still curious.
I've "heard":
Wellesley, despite being an all-girls environment, is diverse.
It has great alums/resources
Located near Boston
Holds a-types but also outliers (relaxed students)
little social life beyond weekends (unless you actively assert yourself)
no loans!!
people only like it because of Hil Clinton.
there's gay fish as well as straight fish as well as harvard and MIT drunken fish 30 mins away.
cross registration with non-drunks also 30 minutes away</p>

<p>on Carleton:
it's small, it's great , it's quirky!
students are humble
social life is thriving
there's a cookie mansion (?)
job prospects ok - not ok
midwest too
great prospects for phD persuers
small loan
no one has heard of it except maybe employers' grandkids</p>

<p>I don't really see myself further perusing formal education after college. When I google carleton vs. wellesley, I find that 50% chose C and 50% chose W.</p>

<p>So most rankings are arbitrary and my individual preferences can probably be suited anywhere I go if I try hard enough. I've accepted that. But if students or parents of students have any more info or advice,on either school, I'd love to read it.</p>

<p>Have you visited either school? </p>

<p>Visiting either school would be helpful. Also, if you’re trying to decide between the two, I think it’d be helpful for the forum if we could know what’s driving you towards/away from either college so we could maybe assuage your fears or confirm suspicions or something like that.</p>

<p>And Dacie Moses House is the cookie house. :slight_smile: Dacie Moses used to be a librarian here at Carleton and she was like the “campus mom” so when she passed away, she left her house to Carleton in her will and said that it should be open 24/7 for students to come in and have cookies and conversations whenever they want (though with consideration for the students who reside in the house – those students are responsible for making sure the kitchen is stocked for cookie-baking events).</p>