Carlson Slips 6 more spots

<p>anybody see carlson go down another 6 spots on businessweek rankings?
wut do u think?</p>

<p>aren't they getting a new building, new programs, international study, etc. why the drop?</p>

<p>rankings obviously arent justified, cuz its like 18th for usnews and now 48th or whatever for businessweek. n i took a look at it and the stats for the school arent even says resident tuition is like $4,000 haha. zouman, i think ur the one trying to decide between a few schools and i wouldnt let this effect ur decision. minnesota is an up and coming school and it's not yet well known enough by many to get the prestige that it may or may not deserve.</p>

<p>I think it's horse crap. I think some schools are cooking their surveys. Just worry about the real placement data.</p>