<p>HELLO every body
this is hereby a solemn declaration that i am in desperate need fo help!!!</p>


<p>i am an international applicant form india
well my school records are very good,i got all A1's in my board exam ,and on my expected class 12 results my teachers signed in a 96% in the CBSe exams
i have represented my country at the world school international forum,brisane australia,one among three to be the national level
i also am an office bearer of my school and am the health club secretary
i am a computer progaming freak and i have applied to school of technology in carnegie
well here are my Ec's
i have won oover 6 quizzes all over the city at the inter school level,am an ardent quizzer,i was even invited to be the quiz master for a prestigious quiz competion
i have won various debates,and have even apperad on national tv NDTV
for certain discussions
i am currently programming POCKET tanks in C++
i have been given the ALL Rounder gold awad by my school 6 times for outsatnding academic and extra curricular achievemnts
i also have sporting medlas in tennis,volleyball and discus throw
my ecs go on and on
MY school record is pretty decent am sure, with a rank of 5 out of 96
i am also a recepient of the OUtstnading morals and values award
WIllany of this help?
i mean is CArnegie that choosy?
but here is the porblem
MY SATS are not fact miserable
sat 2
math 2-660

<p>will this just be a nuetral point or a huge negative ????
will the throw away my app jus bcos of this?
please help</p>

<p>1360 is not that bad...and your other stats and ECs sound amazing..Carnegie doesn't aid international students right ? Other than that, your app sound pretty good.</p>

<p>You should be really pleased with your accomplishments, including the standardized test scores, but you also need to be aware of how competitive the pool is for international students: admit rates are often very, very low at even less-than-elite schools because there are so many international students applying. No one but an admissions officer can "chance" you in a given year, but you can count on the field being far more competitive for international students than it is for US citizens. It's essential to factor that in as you choose schools to apply to. If you have high financial need, which is typical of many international applicants, the bar can be even higher. (I don't think CMU has become need-blind, but don't have recent info.)</p>

<p>NO ,they dont aid intnl students ,and i dont blame them
but for a fact ,i think if i graduate out of carnegie ,i will be able to pay my dad back in no time.......
anyway hope i get in!!!
i am scared of my SAT 2's</p>

<p>Actually CMU doesn't aid international students at all. I don't think he'll be needing any aid, that's why he's applying there. Yeah, the SAT IIs are a little low. They are just above the average. If you have other good stats, you should be fine. Since, they don't aid international students, the applicant pool will be a little less competitive than at other similar schools. Good luck with the admission.</p>

<p>yeha thats right...k now dont assume i am super rich ...........but i am plannign to work will I GET IN?</p>

<p>That's what I am saying. I think the applicant pool will be less competitive than at other schools. You've got good stats and only the adcoms can "chance" you..</p>

<p>thats alll????...anybody else???
thanx a lot marathon man and comfy....i have another question..i have applied early..does this increse my chances of admission??</p>

<p>You might want to negotiate a good loan deal with your dad. Here's the scenerio for borrowing $150,000 that CMU might cost for 4 years (assuming that you could borrow $150,000...):</p>

<p>A 10 year loan:
Monthly payments $1726<br>
Interest paid $57,000</p>

<p>A 20 year loan:
Monthly payments $1145
Interest paid $125,000</p>

<p>A 30 year loan:
Monthly payments $978
Interest paid $202,000</p>

<p>So, yeah, you'd have to be making lots and lots of money...</p>

<p>I did a bit of research and some math. The Early decision acceptance rate for CMU is 59%. The overall acc. rate is 39% , so that would make the regular acceptance around 36%. So you've got a better chance of getting in now than on the regular decision. When's your decision coming out??? Good luck with the decision. ANd how were your essays and recos ??</p>

<p>THAnkS WEENIE AND COMFY......comfy really thoughtful of you to have done that research for me
as i told you i got to represent my country at a conference where 80 delgates from countrie right from taiwan to usa had attended.....
i knew carnegie give a lot of importance to diversity so what i did was wrote my essay on how this expereince showed me the importance of diversity.....
i think my essay is pretty good..........and if recos haveto be given a ny importance well i think i do hvae very very good recos......recos where i ave done a lot of social service,leadership qualities and there was htis particular incident where i helped my friend get through a traumatic depression period,i stood by him .......and my teacher put this on thereco......i dont kow the admission oficers might laugh a it...i mean how will this help me get an engineering degre..bu heard it helps........i hope to god it does</p>

<p>my decison is coming out jan 15th by mail......jan 20 on line</p>

<p>Okay Guys ...come On I Need Some Help....nobody Is Posting Any Replies!!!
Thank You Comfy And Weenie Man!!</p>

<p>Best of luck Karthik'll most probably get in..</p>

<p>THAT SOUNDED REALLY NICE...MUSIC TO MY EARS!!!1......comfy.......the next tie you come to india you have a huge treat coming your way!!!.......thanx a lot</p>