Carnegie Mellon AI4ALL 2021

hello! I’m new to college confidential, but I had a few qs about CMU’s AI4ALL program and I think this is the right place to ask (please let me know if there’s another thread for this already)
I’m a south-asian female sophomore with middle/high income parents. I was initially very excited to apply for AI4ALL, but after seeing the financial information section of the application my parents felt as though I wouldn’t have a chance since we aren’t low-income and I’m not part of an underrepresented group. Should I still apply, or should I look for something else to do?
Also does anyone have any recommendations for other compsci summer programs/opportunities that I could look into? I fear that my chance of being accepted into AI4ALL is very low, and I don’t want to waste time on the application if I cannot get accepted.
Thanks in advance!

Thank you so much for the advice!