Carnegie Mellon Booklet

<p>So I received this booklet from Carnegie Mellon today in the mail. I am sure everyone who applied is being sent this. I found it pretty funny. </p>

<p>The front of the booklet looks like a kilt and it comes looking like it is a kilt hanging from a hanger. When you open up the first page it says "So you decided to take a peek under the kilt?" The page after that says "Smart Choice." lol</p>

<p>Here are some photos:
DSC02243</a> | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
DSC02244</a> | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
DSC02245</a> | Flickr - Photo Sharing!</p>

<p>Haha yes I got the same one!</p>

<p>D: I want one!!!</p>

<p>I got one after I found out I got rejected. I just put it in the recycling bin.</p>

<p>We didn't get one - wonder why.</p>

<p>Electronics tinkerer huh? Surprisingly few of those in ECE at CMU actually...</p>

<p>Ah yes, a few images from some of my projects are on flickr. I pretty much play around with anything related to robotics, electronics, and programming. I am surprised to hear that tinkerers and makers are not more abundant. I am applying for CS, but will always continue with electronics as a hobby.</p>