Carnegie Mellon Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

we are in the same boat. no news is generally not good news.

Its generally a good sign

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really? can any moderator confirm?

I’m not a moderator, but I do know that schools that are need blind process financial aid and admissions in parallel. That makes the process much more efficient for them. So receiving a call from the FA office means nothing with regards to admissions.

no I am talking about asking for mid-semester grades

if they didn’t ask for my mid-term, does it mean they are not considering me?

Quick question- does anyone see the withdraw button after portal living to CMU? It was there before. If we do not see that, what does it mean?

Please take this for what you will because I am neither a CMU expert nor have any inside knowledge. But most schools use the same portal software - and in the past (across many schools), the withdraw button going missing a week or so before decision day has meant acceptance or rejection - and not deferral. That’s because you can’t withdraw your application if you’ve been accepted or rejected, but can withdraw if deferred.

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Thanks. I understand the deferral bit. But why would they remove the optioning they want to reject an application.

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean - but the withdraw button goes away automatically when the decision is loaded into the system (which typically happens in batches starting a few days to a week ahead of decision day) and the decision is either “accepted” or “rejected” because in both cases withdrawal is not an option.

Again - my caveat here is that I’m only explaining behavior that’s been observed (very reliably) over the last few admission cycles. I don’t have any inside knowledge.

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Thanks. Fingers crossed for Saturday decision!

Some of my friends got an email from the admission office saying the result would be released this coming Saturday, but I didn’t receive that. Is it a bad sign?

It took a super long time for the admission office to finally update my ED agreement, counselor recommendation, etc. on my portal. So worried this might be the reason. Completely freak out!

Think it should be coming soon. That’s a general email which everyone should get regardless of the decision.

I got that email too, so I think all decisions are coming on December 10.

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Got the email too. Also the withdraw button is not there now. Does anyone still see the withdraw button, please share.

Any results yet?

Daughter got into school of Engineering


Congrats. Would you mind sharing stats? Which field?


Weighted GPA 5.78 (out of 6.0 scale)
Unweighted GPA 4.0
Class Rank 3/628
SAT 1500
Over 1000 hours of volunteering leadership with registered non profit
DECA International Winner
GirlsWhoCode Ambassador
And several other school clubs leadership positions

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Brown requires first quarter grades for everyone. It’s explicit on their website, the people they reached out to didn’t follow the rules and so Brown had to reach out to those counselors to send in the first quarter grades.