Carnegie Mellon University Class of 2024 ED Thread

I haven’t seen a thread started yet…good luck everyone!

Notifications on Dec 14?

Best of luck to you and all who applied - from the parent of a Dietrich College ('24) ED applicant.

Good luck everyone! My S20 applied ED to SCS.???

My son applied ED to SCS also. This will be both the longest and shortest 3 weeks ever?

I applied ED for MCS as well. Fingers crossed!

I applied for CoE. Good luck everyoneee!

DD applied ED for DC.

Best of luck everyone.

Good luck everyone! Any questions, please message me. I applied ED for class of 2023 in Dietrich Stat+ML

Portal says ED notification sent 12/13 ?

Anyone know what does “ED Notification Letter” mean in the portal? It says it will be sent on Dec. 13th.

@jasonli8408 Are all talking about the “where am I in the process” portal?

@darkermuppet yea

@bmilli Did you have “ED Notification Letter” or “ED Notification”?

Not sure if this means something, but D doesn’t seem have that message in the portal - the message says to log in on Saturday, December 14 to view decision letter.

@caretolearn it got removed alrdy

@chocolate12345 OK, thanks. Although the 13th would be good - a day earlier!

@chocolate12345 Not sure because my son told me about it, but it’s gone now. Must have been a mistake.

I applied ED for MCS. Good luck everyone.

I’m so nervous but what time do decisions come out on Dec 14th?