Carnegie Mellon University Class of 2024 Regular Decision

My DS has applied to CMU RD. His stats are
SAT: 1580
Math II - 800
Physics - 800
ECs - Built and launched a game over 1 year, built a ML model for his school to predict IB scores, volunteered in eye foundation rehab center and is now building a app using google voice as a teaching aid for blind kids. School editor in Grade 11 and 12.
Good recommendations and good essays.
Question we have is, he also gave the Chemistry SAT and got 770.
Is it worth sending this one too or should we just keep to the math and physics ones that we sent already?

How about other schools? We are kinda not sure since all schools ask for only 2 subject SATs. But will send the third one if it will help

Grades? APs? Based on what you have shared, his background should give him a pretty good shot. It could be a little tougher if he’s applying for CS, which is top-notch and extremely competitive at CMU. Sending the chem scores should not matter that much.

Sorry - missed out the grades. He is doing IBDP with Math HL, Economics HL, Physics HL and Chemistry SL, Spanish SL and English Language and Literature SL with a predicted score of 43/45. An A in TOK and Extended Essay

Wishing all good luck. My daughter is a freshman at Carnegie Mellon university and I remember how anxious and stressful it was waiting for that day. Again Good luck to all and remember you will do great no matter where you go.

Kid received an “Apply 2020” booklet in the mail today, addressed to Applicants. WHY do colleges send mailings after the application deadline? Especially those colleges with such low admit rates; the mailings seem like a tease!

Sorry for the late reply, but I also received this. In fact, I think I’ve received 4 things from CMU by mail since submitting my app in late December. I doubt it means anything though, but fingers crossed!

My daughter also got 4 things from CMU by mail. Guess it is a casual mail
to all applied candidate to confirm applications are under process.
nothing it mean.

Did anyone receive a text from CMU’s Office of admission asking if they had any questions about the school or the admissions process?

yes my son did too

Does anyone know when a specific decision date would be made? I know they say no later than April 15th, but in the past has it always been hovering around that date or does it change. Also do they send likely letters for students? Also I’m super nervous this is a top 3 school for me ?

@CarBarlos in the portal it says 3/28. I don’t think they do likely letters

I know this is really late. Just noticed that I got invited to Carnegie Mellon’s Turn Tartan Overnight Weekend for Jan 26-27. Rd. Did everybody get one?

My daughter got it too on Jan 26.

I got it

@ohnoitsme Thanks for the info! Definitely looking forward to that

@theharvardgirl The email said the event is for applicants, so wouldn’t everyone who applied receive it?

Yeah, that’s true.

It was also sent too early for them to have read applications.

When I try to log into my portal, I click on the google login method and all I get is a blank page that says “reset”. Does anyone else have this problem?

no, the page loads as normal for me.