Carnegie Mellon University or University of Southern California

Hi guys,
I’ve been admitted into both USC and CMU (yay!!!) and I’m in a bit of a dilemma. I’m planing to pursue a double major in industrial engineering and economics at USC and a double major in information systems and economics at CMU. Both universities have their pros and cons. USC seems like a place where I’d have a better social life, they have amazing school spirit culture and they have a strong alumni network combined with good acedemics. CMU has more international recognition, which works better for me (I’m living in south east Asia). It’s known as a tech school and seems stronger in academics. But from what I’ve seen online (YouTube, google, blogs), CMU seems to be pretty dull compared to USC. So the question is which one should I pick ? I’d appreciate any help and different perspectives that anyone has because I’m really confused :frowning: