Carnegie Mellon University Qatar Class of 2024

I couldn’t find a discussion for this university. Share your deets and patiently wait for their decisions in late April

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Hi, my name is Faizan Raza and I am from Pakistan. I have applied to CMU Qatar for computer science and these are my stats:

Sat: 1470
Sat II Math Level 2: 790
Sat II Physics: 800
Predicted Alevel Grades: 5A*s
GPA: 4.33
ECAS: Won many science olympiads throughout the country including one of the most prestigious national science olympiad “KGSO” in which we won the math, computer science, astrophysics, and the logic and cryptography modules. I am the executive head of our college’s math and science society “CoRDS”. We organized the national science olympiad ‘Scinnova’ in January in which I headed the computer science and the logic/cryptography modules. We also keep heading science events in our school throughout the year including workshops to prepare students for external olympiads. Besides that, I am also a member of the student council. I got a bronze honor in the International Youth Math Challenge. I also did a data analyst internship in the summer. Currently a peer tutor of math in my school. I have completed many MOOCs relating to python, machine learning, data science, data structures and algorithms and many more to pursue my interest.

Do I have a shot at CMU Qatar?

seems like u have very nice shot

Got waitlisted ? What about you guys?

hi, I got accepted, however my financial package is does not fully reflect my finances, so you have all chances to get into

Hi guys, I was also waitlisted. Has anyone who was waitlisted, been offered admission? What about statistics for admission from waitlist?

Hey did u get accepted to cmu qatar with thosr stats? If yes then in which major?