Carnegie Mellon v. UC Berkeley v. Cornell Engineering???

<p>I feel so stuck. I am probably going to do either Mechanical Engineering or something with Computer Science. I really need a decent music program too, as I would like to continue playing Clarinet as well.</p>

<p>i would do cmu
have you been accepted to the CFA, SCS, and or CIT?</p>

<p>There's music at all three schools-- and strong music programs for majors and non-majors at all three places.</p>

<p>At CMU, there's a music technology major and minor, as well as performance opportunities-- band, orchestra and concert band. I assume same performance opportunities at other schools.</p>

<p>Three excellent choices-- does location matter? Do you live west coast and would miss family being on east coast and only being home infrequently ?<br>
If you are a CA resident, by all means, take the UC tuition at Berkerley - no brainer and top top top school for all these departments.</p>

<p>Good luck to you- visit visit visit!
Search the catalogs to see what music classes you can take.
At CMU you can continue private lessons (for credit too) and also participate in performance opportunities.
Keep in mind, as an engineering or CS major-- anywhere you go, eventually you get a time crunch and your other interests may suffer in any school you attend. It's inevitable.</p>

<p>I've been accepted to CIT, waitlisted for SCS, and didn't apply to CFA. I've visited all of them now, and I live in Las Vegas, NV, but was born and raised in southern California and do miss it. I think if I did get accepted to CS at CMU I'd probably feel more inclined to pick it but at this point I'm not sure which of the two I'd do. I'd love to do the whole deal (marching, concert band, orchestra) but I do know I'm gonna be limited by time in either major so we'll see when we get there.</p>

<p>You'd have plenty of time to be in the Kiltie band even with a major in engineering or CS.</p>