Carnegie Mellon vs. Boston College

<p>I need help. I have been accepted into Carnegie Mellon's Tepper school of undergraduate business and Boston College's Carroll School of Management. I love both schools but I can't make this decision. I want to get a great job coming out of college, but I also want to have a good time. (Party, enjoy Boston/Pittsburgh, Study Abroad etc.) Which school would be best for me?</p>

<p>Additional Factors: I would play football at CMU. (The football guys showed me a good time on my official visit)</p>

<p>my dad went to cmu and played football in the 70s, and let me just say, HE LOVED IT. he is very good friends with the coach at cmu as they played together back then. I know there are a lot of rumors about how CMU is lame and not fun, but if you meet normal people and make a good time for yourself like him, it's an awesome experience. I am also thinking about both schools, and you cannot go wrong, both academically and in terms of fun. I do know that the football frats are known for their parties at CMU and you would be in for a great time!</p>

<p>@Emma Oakley
Thanks that actually helps. Are you a senior too? I feel bad that you have to make this decision too. Its a tough one. But as far as the football frat at CMU goes: It is a great time. That's actually where I stayed haha it was a great time to say the least.</p>

<p>yep, definitely a tough decision haha no idea how i'm gonna decide! obviously the parents are pushing for cmu but who knows.. good luck in wherever you choose as both are awesome!</p>

<p>hey you too. who knows, maybe we'll run into each other next year haha thanks again</p>

<p>I'd lean a bit towards CMU, if only because it's now becoming a stronger Business school with increasing amounts of reputation, which is augmented by the fact that it is one of the few if any other business schools that can come close to the starting salary of a business undergrad that a Wharton undergrad normally gets. However, I don't know much about the business program at Boston College, so there might be a bit of a bias in this.</p>

<p>Just know that business at Carnegie Mellon tends to be a bit more math-based than at other business schools.</p>

I have found that the job placement and average starting salary for CMU is the highest amongst the schools I was admitted to which is obviously an incentive to lean toward there.
One thing that confused me however was that according to US News & World Report CMU has the #10 undergrad business program but in Businessweek's rankings CMU is ranked 21st and BC is ranked 16th. It doesn't make too much sense to me.
Thank you. They actually talked a little bit about that on my visit. In addition everyone is required to take a computer programming class. What this means in the job market I do not know but it obviously cant hurt.</p>

<p>Go with CMU. Not only is it a great school but CMU is one of the 2 "big fish, " schools in the greater Pittsburgh area, UPitt being the other. BC is just one of a ton of schools in the greater Boston Area and the "cut-throat," atmosphere there(among the Boston school neighborhoods) is nothing like the vibe you'll get from the area surrounding CMU. THIS IS NOT TO SAY: that CMU is not highly competitive academically, it's one of the most competitive in the country.</p>

<p>On a personal note, if I had the chance to continue playing organized football after high school, I would have jumped at the chance. Go be a Tartan !!!!</p>