<p>got another mailing--offers carpets sized for the room. have been told by some students it's a good idea because the floors get cold. however, I'm wondering how dirty they get over the course of the year, allergies, etc. </p>

<p>appreciate any thoughts pro or con?</p>

<p>Wear socks in the room! :D Well, that's what I'll do...:P</p>

<p>With regular vacuuming it is not an issue.</p>

<p>Those carpets are a ripoff, i would recommend a small rug from your local jc penny for sale a max 20 bucks. Vaccumm, and use a swifter on the tiles and your good to go.</p>

<p>Bed Bath and Beyond or HomeGoods have large (not room size but definately big enough for most of your half) rugs for much much less. The bigger ones for dorm rooms go out about this time of year. It can be nice in winter to step out of bed onto a rug.</p>

<p>Don't forget that Deviney is getting carpet this summer.</p>