(I don't know if it's ok to post this...if not..I apologize and please send me the appropriate site to post.)</p>

<p>I have a piece of carpet that my son used last year in his room at McBryde. It is in great condition.</p>

<p>Here are the specs:
12' x 12'
Light Blue
Will sell for: $75</p>


<p>Is a carpet necessary? I received all the flyers and was wondering if the rooms are already carpeted why need the carpet? Living in Woodrow.</p>

<p>archer29 - the carpet they use is typically not great quality. I'd like to have a little nicer stuff to walk around on, so I bought one even though my room in East Quad is carpeted this year.</p>

<p>Also not all dorm rooms are carpeted. Woodrow happens to be.</p>

<p>S lived in Woodrow soph year. The apt carpeting was pretty ratty.In his bedroom, he used an area rug over the part of the room (middle) where he would be walking..didnt use a room sized carpet over the already there carpet since it would make opening doors/closet doors a problem.</p>

<p>McBryde does not have carpeting, so that's why I purchased the piece. It did make the room more homey.</p>

<p>You absolutely need carpeting if you don't have it in your room.</p>