Carpets for Hagerstown Hall

Can anyone give me a percentage of students that end up with a carpet. Received the flyer in mail today from the vendor UMD uses and for a 10x12 room its 165.00. Do you feel you need one or can I just get a throw rug for in front of bed? I am just thinking that it has no air conditioning and the carpet would just insulate room more. Have been reading that it usually gets thrown out at the end of the year anyway. Or do you need it for November and December months, any thoughts?

@collegenj - My D got the same flyer last year and we did buy the carpet, splitting the cost with her roommate. As I recall, the flyer said that the carpet would be delivered and installed. It was delivered, but still rolled up and wrapped in plastic. The roommate’s Dad and I had to put it down and we had to lift the beds and one of the desks to get it down. This was in Hagerstown Hall. At the end of the year, it had to be removed and it left a lot of sand on the floor when we took it up. We did throw it in a dumpster outside. It wasn’t something we wanted to keep.

I don’t think it was worth it, but, I think you do need a carpet (or carpets) to cover most of the floor where you will be walking. A couple of runners or smaller carpets, of better quality, may be the best answer. See what your roommate wants to do. Good Luck