carpool to berkeley from socal

<p>anyone looking to carpool with me from socal up to berkeley? you can bring half a trunk's worth of stuff i dont mind. Im thinking of leaving on the 17th-ish and I dont feel like driving 6hours alone haha</p>

<p>Oh man I thought this was for a commute. Glad I was wrong!</p>

<p>I dont know what you exactly mean by that but ok haha</p>

<p>What he means is he thought you would go back and forth from socal to Berkeley each and everyday. lol</p>

<p>ohhhhh geez thats so ridiculous it dint even cross my mind! hahaha no im glad you were wrong too then lol</p>

<p>where about in socal are you?</p>

<p>Are you a chick? Are you attractive?</p>

<p>im in rancho santa margarita im near mission viejo,laguna niguel,irvine,lake forest etc.</p>

<p>im a dude, i have good hygiene and jokes? haha</p>

<p>Are you a good looking dude? ;)</p>

<p>ah well in all modesty, it has been said that I am an inspiration to women with whom i cross paths with!haha</p>

<p>joking aside you're all the way up in cupertino already!</p>

<p>haha nice well i'm in newport area so were pretty close by. Only problem... i haven't started packing my stuff yet but being a girl... i have a feeling ill be filling up more than a trunk full :/ lol but ill let you know soon if the offers still open by then :)</p>

<p>if u go on the 22nd, i'll gladly accompany u</p>

<p>i'm a hot girl and very naive - can i carpool plz?!?!? :(</p>