CARS Quick Statement v. eBill

<p>CARS Quick Statement:</p>


Minimum Amount Due Now: $0.00
Minimum Due + Full Reg Fee: $0.00
Account Balance: $3,861.75



Cars Bill 07/23/2010 $6,766.75 08/15/10


<p>My awards have been paid, so I'm assuming I don't have to pay anything right now. Is this true? Or should I still pay what is on the Cars Bill?</p>

<p>check to see how much financial aid has already paid by going to myfinaid</p>

<p>if it's more than the $6,766 then you don't have to worry about anything
not everything has paid yet, has your calgrant paid out out yet?</p>

<p>I didn't qualify for a CalGrant. </p>

<p>8,153 dollars has paid.
But I accepted 9,121 dollars. Should I expect that in a refund?</p>

<p>if you accepted 9,000 for the semester then you will get the ~3,000 or so as a refund, so yes, expect it</p>

<p>One more question. My parents just want to throw some money in anyways, will this work towards paying my tuition? Or be refunded?</p>

<p>what do you mean throw some money in?</p>

<p>They wanna put money towards my tuition (financial aid doesn't cover all of it). So will the money they put into eBill help cover it?</p>

<p>well of course, they just need to pay what financial aid doesn't pay</p>

<p>Thank man!</p>