<p>I think I remember my DH saying that freshmen couldn't have a car. Is that correct? DD will be at Iowa in 2011 and we are out-of-state.</p>


<p>I can't answer your question but I bet if you spend a day or two reading through this you'll get your answer!</p>

<p>Parking</a> and Transportation-Vice President for Finance and Operations-The University of Iowa</p>

<p>This is how I think it works:</p>

<p>Go into your isis and go to MYUIOWA and then My Parking and you can order a parking pass for the Storage Lot. It says Storage Lot Fall, but I am pretty sure I saw somewhere else that it is for 9 months. The cost is $288. I have found nothing that says freshmen are not eligible. The storage lot is way on the west side of campus and I believe there is a shuttle that they can take to get their cars. We haven't ordered a pass yet but plan to. I want him to have a way home that doesn't involve me driving for 4 hours one way to get him and there's really no other transportation that would get him home. I know of one person who is renting garage space privately to store his car but have no idea of how much he is paying.</p>

<p>If you find that any of this is not the case, let me know because I'm looking for information too.</p>

<p>I couldn't find anything either. Same reason for wanting a car. It's a long drive to go and get her plus our driveway is already filled with cars. If she can have it there in a storage lot it would solve some hassles during school breaks.</p>

<p>Freshmen can have cars.</p>

<p>There is no need for a car during the week. There are a few places to get basic groceries downtown at the Food co op.. etc.. and at CVS pharmacy... It is a nightmare to park on campus. Lots of tickets cause the police are all over and love to give them for meters that have expired. They also raised the price for these tickets.. So unless it is necessary I would leave the car at home and take the break in Car insurance when you student is away..</p>

<p>Parking pass has been ordered and they said it would be sent to him. Hopefully before he leaves!</p>