CAS AP Credit Limit?

<p>I am confused about how many AP credits the College of Arts and Sciences will accept. I see limits posted for the other colleges, but do not see a limit for CAS.</p>

<p>I did find this information:

34 courses: a 3- or 4-credit course counts as one course. A 2-credit course counts as half a course; a 1-credit course does not normally count toward the requirement; a 6-credit language course counts as one and one-half courses. (See “Courses and Credits” for some 1-credit courses in music, dance, and theatre performance that can be cumulated to count as one-half course.)</p>

<p>Credits: a total of 120 academic credits, of which 100 must be taken in the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell. (See “Noncredit Courses” below for courses that do not count as academic credits or courses.)


<p>Does this mean that the AP credit limit for CAS is 20 credits? Additionally, I also saw that AP courses can be applied toward the 34 courses required to graduate; is there a maximum number accepted? </p>

<p>Thank you for your assistance.</p>


No limit, you just need to take at least 100 credits in CAS no matter how many AP credits you have.</p>

<p>There is no limit to the AP credit, but only 20 AP credits will count towards the graduation requirement of 120 credits. 100 credits must be from within CAS. Engineering/CALS/ILR classes do NOT count towards those 100 CAS credits, although many (most?) courses offered by other colleges are at least cross-listed with CAS so they would then count. The 20 credits isn’t really all that helpful in terms of filling requirements/graduation, but I used several of my AP classes to place into higher level classes which was convenient for me.</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>