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<p>I was accepted into CAS ED and I plan to major in BBB, biology, or biochemistry. Assuming that I get 5's, what is the worth of English Freshman Free credits? Lastly, will AP credits be less useful if I minor in some other science?</p>

<p>I'm planning to go to dental school after undergrad. I'm deciding whether or not to take the following AP's: Physics B, Calc BC, Chemistry, Environmental Science, English Literature.</p>

<p>English Freshman Free is free elective credit.</p>

<p>Physics B will just get you more free elective credit, if I remember correctly. If there's a way you can self-study physics C, that would be significantly more useful. Take calc, chem, and enviro.</p>

<p>They don't count for any requirements, so they're honestly kind of useless. :(</p>

<p>Calc BC could be useful to you if you get a 5... you would be able to place into MATH 114/115, which is the highest in the math sequence that you will need for BBB (don't quote me on that, but I think that's true). Calc BC = MATH104, which, I have heard, is pretty tough. If you don't need to take MATH240, then I'd recommend taking the BC test... if you get a 5, enroll in MATH115, which is a less intense version of multivariable calculus.</p>

<p>Otherwise, AP credits will not fulfill any requirements. Their value comes in that having even one elective credit that is already fulfilled could make your junior/senior schedule easier, since you would need to take one fewer class. It doesn't seem like much, but it means everything when you are trying to get pristine grades and doing upper level BBB coursework (BBB is, in my opinion, the most difficult major in the College).</p>

<p>^ I wouldn't really refer to either 104 or 114/115 as tough, since it's quite easy to scrape by (B or above) if you simply just do all your work. Plus, some instructors, like DeTurck and Rimmer, are actually quite good and make understanding the material less difficult. Some instructors are terrible and are too lazy to even provide lecture notes, however, so watch out.</p>

<p>And from what I've heard as a lowly freshman, Biochem is a tad bit more difficult than BBB.</p>


What you've heard as a lowly freshman where? COLUMBIA?</p>

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<p>Why do you, a Columbia student, keep pretending in the Penn forum to be a Penn student? :confused:</p>