CAS economics or Finance (business school)

<p>I'm a freshman at a top 50 LAC. At the time of applying to colleges, I wasn't ready to leave the state. </p>

<p>But now, after a semester, I don't really like my school a ton. Socially and the aspect that it has no recruitment from any banks. I want to do finance. Ideally investment banking, but I would take whatever I could get.</p>

<p>So I'm trying to find the best schools I could get into (targets). </p>

<p>My HS UW GPA was 3.86 and I took AP classes. My ACT is a mediocre 29. </p>

<p>I'll have my college GPA in 2 weeks, but at the moment, I'm thinking around 3.5-3.6... Chemistry is killing me.</p>

<p>Assuming my GPA actually turns out to be around there, should I apply to schools? Or should I try to bring my GPA up and apply as a junior for fall 14? Or winter 14?</p>

<p>Some schools like UVA have high transfer rates, but they are for the CAS not their business school. Apparently it's almost impossible to transfer into UVA's business school. This is the same case for Boston college. And I'm sure most other targets.</p>

<p>So would it be worth transferring to schools like this but doing CAS econ? I'm taking econ now and microecon next semester and I really do enjoy it. But if the banks are only recruiting at the bschools... I feel like it's a waste.</p>

<p>Any advice is much appreciated.</p>

<p>I was in a pretty similar situation to yours. I decided to wait it out until junior year b/c it would give me a lot of time to show my current progress & would put a lot less emphasis on my sat/hs grades. But if you have the money for apps now & again for jr year, you’ve got nothing to lose really.</p>

<p>In terms of finance vs econ, I completely get your dilemma. I also would like to do investment banking or something finance related & after doing a lot of research it seems like a finance degree is a lot more in demand by employers. There’s nothing wrong w/ an econ degree & for i-banking exclusively, they seem to care more about college name/prestige than college major so an econ degree wouldn’t hurt you at all there. The business programs do seem to be harder to get into, but I think they are worth a lot more than cas education programs to employers in case you can’t land something w/ an i-bank.</p>

<p>I also want to transfer to UVA/BC/NYU, do you know the acceptance rate for their business school? Should I transfer to CAS Econ?</p>