CAS Economics vs. Wharton as Backup for Vagelos LSM

<p>Hey everyone!</p>

<p>I will be applying Early Decision to the Vagelos LSM dual degree program at Penn.
My question is...I'm not sure whether to list CAS Economics or Wharton as my backup. </p>

<p>I figure that if I list CAS as my backup, I'll have a much higher chance of getting into Penn and I can always transfer to Wharton if I truly love Finance and keep my GPA high freshman year. Also, economics majors can always take classes at wharton too even if they aren't official students there...</p>

<p>However, it would be much less of a hassle to not deal with interschool transferring freshman year, but I feel like I may get rejected altogether and completely miss out on attending a GREAT school if I apply for LSM and list Wharton as my backup. I do love Wharton with all its classes and opportunities there, but basically I'm not sure I love it enough to list it as a backup school and risk not getting into penn at all. </p>

<p>Suggestions on what I should do or anything else I should consider? :( </p>

<p>You can view my academic/extracurricular profile
here...(with the dot being . because for some reason the website is censored on cc boards?)
<a href="http://college.mychancesDOTnet/view/?id=101607&app=college%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://college.mychancesDOTnet/view/?id=101607&app=college&lt;/a>
if you would like to chance me (for Wharton especially!!).</p>

<p>P.S. I also have another question. While I did swell on my ACT (36), I didn't do sooo good on my SAT (composite 2210). Will my chances of getting into Penn be lower if I submit my ACT and not my SAT, or if I submit both my ACT and SAT? </p>

<p>Thanks SO MUCH in advance for any of your help/advice :)</p>

<p>also, i might not even be able to transfer to wharton even if i was accepted to CAS bc of GPA..? so i guess that would be another risk i'd have to take if i was accepted to CAS and not Wharton..</p>

<p>Penn doesn't accept score choice, so by the honor code they expect you to submit all SATs and ACT. However, I honestly don't think your SAT score is anything to worry about. From what I have heard, test scores are really only a checkpoint. Once you have a good enough score, they won't make or break you. And Plenty of people do better on one test than the other.</p>

<p>oh really? i didn't know that! thanks for the information.
originally, i was going to send in just my math ii and biology-molecular sat subject test scores (Both of which i received an 800 on) and not my literature (which i got a 700 on and will retake but after the ED deadline...) score but i guess that won't be possible.. :(</p>

<p>It is not very easy to transfer from CAS to Wharton. I believe you need to end up with something at least like a 3.8 and there is a pretty extensive application process. Don't assume that you can transfer to Wharton. Thats not to say it is impossible, but just hard.</p>