CAS Economics vs. Wharton, difference?

<p>Hey guys, so whats the difference? CAS I know has a bigger acceptance rate, so I'm tempted to apply there. Since Wharton and CAS are both amazing programs. How do i-banks recruit at each program? Transfer rate to Wharton if I get accepted? Thanks!</p>

<p>Recruiters will identify a difference between Wharton kids and CAS kids. That being said an allstar at CAS will do alright in life. I would apply to wharton if that's where you want to study though.</p>

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<p>I know, I can take almost half my classes at Wharton though if I am at CAS....also, what do you mean by identifying a difference? Do CAS kids find it harder to get job and internship interviews?</p>

<p>Recruiters come to penn for Wharton kids. Recruiters go to NYU for Stern kids ect..</p>

<p>Is the difference negligible? Maybe, maybe not. If your applying to a bank id suggest you prepare to answer the question "why not Wharton?" Either directly or indirectly.</p>

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<p>Agreed with the above, if you want to do anything business related, Wharton is the way to go. Also, I heard that only about 35 CAS students transfer to Wharton each year. That means that it is extremely hard to transfer from CAS to Wharton.</p>

<p>DOes Wharton place an extreme emphasis on math?</p>

<p>Apply S faced this decision last year and he is so glad he is in Wharton. Better placement for internships and after graduation...and the Wharton kids are treated better with all kinds of perks and gifts...and so are the parents!! We have some very nice Wharton coffee cups from Family Weekend and only Wharton gave out special gifts!! :)</p>

<p>If you just want to land a job after college, do wharton.</p>

<p>If you're actually interested in economics, do math, maybe double major math and econ.</p>

<p>CAS economics by itself is basically pointless.</p>