CAS ED Chances; a few q's

<p>*Korean male, came to the US 4 years ago. (English is my second language)
*Senior from Texas
*Huge acaedmic disadvantage(transfer of school at the end of the Sophomore year from NY to TX significantly hindered GPA and class rank.)
(Will my counselor explaining this disadvantage in my application make up for my low class rank? Used to be in top 5% back in New York.) </p>

<p>GPA: UW~ 3.75/4.0 W~ 4.9/6.0
Class rank: 126 of 656 (top 19%)
Taking the most rigorous classes.
Junior year:
AP United States History: 5
AP Biology: 4
AP English Language: 2 (I know.. lol) </p>

<p>Senior year, currently taking:
AP Calc BC, AP US Govt, AP English Lit, AP Psychology, AP Physics,
Spanish III H(also took two years of Italian), Band </p>

<p>SAT: 1460 (710v/750m)
Math IC: 730
Math IIC: 750
Biology: 650 (retaking in December, so this is the score for ED)
US History. Writing: took in october, hoping for/expecting 700+ </p>

<p>EC: </p>

<p>*Weekly visits to a rehab. pavilion: over 100 hrs.
*Band 4 years, drill member of a recognized marching band
*Junior Varsity Soccer (9,10)
*Weekly volunteering at the local library, over 150 hrs.
*National Honor Society Member(11,12)
*Junior Engineering Technical Society (11,12) Historian (12)
*Academic Decathlon
*NY State-recognized math awards
*Decent Recommendations
*Decent Essays (I hope)
*National Merit Commended (203)</p>

<p>Colleges I'm looking at: typical pre-med major? (bio/org. chem)</p>

<p>Cornell ED (Huge reach?)
UT at Austin/Honors Program (Match?)
Baylor U in Waco, TX (Safety?)
NYU (Match/Reach?)
Emory (Reach?)
Texas A&M (Safety)</p>

<p>I'd very much appreciate any suggestions regarding my list
I think I need some more safety/match schools.. I can't think of any.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>I would say aim lower because 99% of CAS accepted people last year were in the top 10%. I would say instead apply early to NYU because that is a closer reach for you then Cornell. And the reason why I know all these stats and am obsessive over CU b/c I have wanted to go there for 6 years and most of my friends are there so I gots a heads up on all the data.</p>

<p>To sum it up I give thee a 30% chance of getting in if that</p>

<p>theshadow, would you say since it wasn't 99% of CAS but 86% who were in top 10% of their class, are my chances higher than 30% now?</p>

<p>Hmmmmmmm.......Yer Rite.........I bump that to 55%</p>

<p>I might aim lower.. could someone tell me what my chances are for Emory ED and RD?
(Yes I know this is the Cornell forum)</p>

<p>Emory I gave you a 95% Ed 80% RD</p>

<p>which college are you applying to? that could make a huge difference</p>

<p>quynh, what do you mean? I'm going for Cornell CAS ED and Emory RD.. I don't think Emory has sub-colleges.. does it?</p>

<p>oh, hahaha, i forgot about your title.</p>

<p>well, let me just say I moved from cali to new york during high school, and it was rough, i had sooo many regents I had to take and sooo many requirements I had to fulfill in the two years of high school in new york, but my grades didn't suffer. I still took the hardest courses I could (I think one semester I had 9 classes and 2 labs and NOOOO breaks for lunch). Your SAT and EC are much much more impressive than mine, but my GPA was better (and probably more unique in the classroom since I took both french and spanish and got my highest regents score in them and had an independent study course) although not that much better, and I got in through regular despite not having junior year grades for them to see :-) But, i got a 78 and 81 on my chem and physics regent (respectively) and look where I am.</p>

<p>If your school is known for having a lot of people apply to Cornell, it might be bad to apply ED because they know there will be others at your school who would be better (statistically) and would complain if they were rejected but you were accepted. so, it might be better to wait until RD and get ur GPA up with 1st semester senior year year included in.</p>

<p>Being an UT-oriented school, there would be only a handful kids from my class who are going to apply to Cornell, let alone ED.. </p>

<p>Well my grades suffered because all the advanced credits I had attained in my New York school were transferred into low academic credits. The reason for this was because "it's the district rule for students from outer-state high schools." Sucks, huh?</p>

<p>if that's the case, cornell will not take the gpa and rank as seriously, and in all honesty, i think if you do apply early to cornell, they will most likely defer you to see what you got your first semester anyway, so unless you are really gun-ho about going to cornell, it's safer to do it RD (if it's a money issue, i think cornell a/s will be more generous: see another of my post somewhere). heh, you would think because I'm closely associated with the Undergraduate Admissions Office (i'm in there at least twice a week to do office hours and answer a bajillion phone calls) i would know more, but really, i've learned that acceptances in competitive school often involves a bit of luck. unless you are chelsea clinton or tiger woods, or the olsen twins, well, you get the idea.</p>

<p>anyway, good luck, and if you have any more questions, just ask. hopefully i will not get as busy and not check here as often as i used to</p>

<p>Quynh, can I ask you a question? I am split between retaking SATI or SATIIs. Does Cornell place more emphasis on one more than the other.</p>

<p>you already have good SATI scores, take the II's</p>