Cas Ed

<p>Status: international(Asian Male), Canadian (MY NATIVE LANGUAGE IS KOREAN) </p>

<p>School: very competitive private school, 100% to college. </p>

<p>SAT: M780 + V630, with retake expecting M800 + V700+ </p>

<p>SATII: Expecting MathIIc 800, Physics 770, and Writing 670 </p>


<p>GPA: </p>

<p>3.1 Freshman Year (Academic only: 3.3) </p>

<p>3.6 Sophmore Year (Academic only: 3.65) </p>

<p>3.8 Junior Year (Academic only:3.8) </p>

<p>4.0 Senior Year (Prospect) </p>

<p>GPA Breakdown: (canadian private school!)</p>

<p>85~100:A, 4.0 </p>

<p>80~85:A-, 3.6 </p>

<p>70~79:B, 3.0 </p>

<p>60~69:C, 2.0 </p>

<p>50~59,D, 1.0 </p>

<p>~50, F </p>

<p>Rank: in top 20% in my junior year. non-cumulative.
prospect: senior year top 5% (non-cumulative) </p>

<p>Extracurricular: </p>

<p>Head of a Residence (senior), Residence Captain/Consultant (junior) </p>

<p>DECA (soph/junior), President (senior) and Quiz Bowl Captain</p>

<p>President and Founder of Political Science Club (senior) </p>

<p>Jazz Band (soph) / Wind Ensemble (senior/junior/senior) / Marching Band (freshman/soph/junior/senior), plays Electric bass, electric/acoustic guitar, and saxophone. </p>

<p>100+ hours of community service, including summer volunteer at U of T science camp. </p>

<p>Independent physics study projects (junior/senior), worked with a professor of a local university during summer, producing programs. </p>

<p>These ECs are things that I have really paid attention to. I have some other things but they are fillers and I am not going to mention them. </p>

<p>Essays: Great. </p>

<p>Recs: Good enough. </p>

<p>Prospective Major: Physics, minor in political science or philosophy </p>

<p>hm... percentages will be good. Thanks :-)</p>

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<p>and tell me if I am wrong here, but what I see is that Last year's A&S top 10% was only 86%...</p>

<p>yea that was my bad 2 years ago was 99% wo de cuo</p>

<p>I give you a 60% shot</p>