CAS freshman schedule

<p>So I have been trying to look for CAS freshman scheduling is or look at the different classes they have the option to take/are mandatory to take. </p>

<p>Does anybody know where this scheduling/classing information is located?</p>


<p>[NYU</a> > University Registrar > Course Search > Class Schedule Search](<a href=“Class Registration, Transcripts, Graduation”>Class Registration, Transcripts, Graduation)</p>

<p>MAP, or Morse Academic Plan. If I recall correctly, involves:

  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Natural Science I
  • Natural Science II
  • Texts and Ideas
  • Cultures and Contexts
  • Societies and the Social Sciences
  • Expressive Culture</p>

<p>Check here to see if I’m wrong. It’s altered a bit for Stern and Tisch kids, but CAS has the full MAP requirements: [NYU</a> > CAS > MAP > 2010-2011 Courses](<a href=“]NYU”></p>