CAS frosh Roll call. Compare schedules, move in dates, dorms!

<p>This is a thread for all of the College of Arts and Sciences freshmen. Let's post pur schedules and give other basic info!</p>

<p>Major: Neuroscience
Dorm: Teter (Honors)
-I'm taking Chem 117 at 9 am on M, T, W, and F. Lab is Wednesday 1215 to 315
-Bio 112 T and Th with Ruesink 1115 to 1230
-Latin 100 M, T, W, and Th from 1010 to 1100
-Honors class 235, monks and art. 230 to 345 T and Th. </p>

<p>I'm moving in the 21st btw. </p>

<p>Has anyone been able to access a syllabus yet? None of my classes have one online so I'm kinda worried.</p>

<p>I have been unable to access any of my syllabi as well. We are majoring in the same thing, by the way. Just out of curiosity, how many credit hours are you taking? I am taking 17.</p>

<p>I'm taking 15 this upcoming semester</p>

<p>Hey guys, don't sweat it if your syllabi aren't on Oncourse yet. Lots of professors don't even put them online; they hand them out in class. Other professors do it within the first week of school. You'll get them eventually.</p>