<p>Ok.....Im either going to apply 2 CALS or CAS. I am majoring in biology and know that both schools offer it and I want to minor in Spanish, but if I apply to CALS, I probably cant do spanish. Should I apply to CALS and not minor in spanish just because it has a lower acceptance rate?</p>

<p>CALS is much cheaper.</p>

<p>Although, if you aren't a resident of New York State, CALS tuition is only a few thousand dollars cheaper ($1000-2000). In favor of CALS, though, there is a Concentration in Spanish in CAS that you could probably complete even if you were a student in CALS, you would simply take several classes in CAS. Finally, if you applied to CALS and decided you didn't like the program, you could always do an internal transfer to CAS (or vice versa). According to Cornell, basically all internal transfers are given admission to their new college within the university, you would simply need to state a reason why and I think maybe take a few classes in the other college. </p>

<p>In sum, I would compare the two majors that you are looking at in CAS and CALS to determine which one you'd like to apply to. The biology-esque majors available in both colleges are like Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Molecular Biology & Genetics, for example, whereas CALS has majors like Plant Biology and CAS doesn't. I would just decide on a major that you'd best fit into and then choose a college. After all, whichever college you decide on, CALS or CAS, your application would have to "fit" the major that you've chosen. Good luck!!!!!!</p>

<p>So the CAS acceptance rate is like 20%</p>

<p>and CALS is like 27%</p>

<p>thats not that big of a difference right....i think i might apply to CAS....not sure yet tho</p>

<p>The acceptance rate is something to think about, but if you're set on a major in CAS, I would say go for it, because you'd be better qualified for that major anyway, if are really into it and can write essays about how you're really into it.</p>