<p>Since no one has dedicated a thread to the people who have been accepted into this program, i figured i would do it. so is anyone going or thinking about going to case?</p>

<p>I'm definetely considering Case PPSP. Anyone know if the "scholarship transfer to med school" thing will still be an option by the time we're ready for med school? I got the feeling that might not be a possibility for much longer.</p>

<p>Siva- No, you are right they are trying to remove the scholarship transfer loophole. I have no idea when it will kick in though you would have to ask Dean Robinson.</p>


<p>Have you decided on Case PPSP? What are their humanities majors like? Any thoughts on the Sages program?</p>


<p>What are the cons (if any) of the PPSP program? Thanks.</p>

<p>Anyway, this is how I see it. Please let me know what you all think.</p>

<p>Case PPSP</p>


<p>1) 4 plus 4 ie a regular college experience
2) No MCAT
3) 20th ranked medical school
4) nice campus
5) can pursue any major
6) research opportunities abound perhaps at Cleveland Clinic</p>

1) Don't know much about social life in University Cirlcle.
2) Don't know much about quality of non-science majors at CWRU.</p>

<p>BU BA/MD</p>

1) Boston..a fun place
2) Boston..easy to get around</p>


<p>1) 3 plus 4 so undergraduate will be rushed
2) MCAT required
3) BU med ranked # 28 good but not as high as Case medical
4) Urban campus...would be fun to be inn the middle of all the action but would 7 years of it be too much?
5) No choice in majors...has to be medical sciences</p>

<p>Let me know what you think guys. Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>It is true that at Case the science majors are probably the strongest overall however Business managament is actually strong and pretty popular. I also know that the medical anthropology department is also strong. Case as a whole is not as social a place as BU. However, at Case you will get to know more people and become closer to them then at BU just because the school is smaller and the campus is very compact. Cleveland has an enormous night life and there are always concerts going on around campus. For example Guster came last thursday. I think that Boston probably has more to offer but Cleveland has so much that you will never exhaust your opportunities. Also Case is located in the cultural area of the city concert halls, museums, etc. if thats your thing.
Not enough diverse restaurants surrounding campus and to get downtown you must take a cab or bus which is actually convienent. But I would imagine you could just walk to the clubs/bars in Boston. If you want to take full advantage of everything a car would probably be necessary. Also prestige though Case is ranked higher than BU for undergrad more people have heard of BU...this is negligible.</p>

<p>Thanks Bharath. So with Case PPSP would you advise against majoring in Classics or English and go for medical anthropology instead. I would prefer not to major in a science as I will get plenty of that in medical school.</p>

<p>Are you currently a CASE PPSP scholar? If so how far along are you? Do you like it?</p>

<p>Well I happen to be a medical anthropology major, but honestly if i were choosing a major again I would choose Studio Art or Theatre. I recommend anthropology but english and classics are fine majors to choose. Also they just started (like a few days ago) a public health major/program so that you can get your B.A and Masters in 4 years. Yeah I am a sophomore now trying to apply for med school next year through the 7 year program (not guaranteed).</p>

<p>Bharath2007, when you say "7-year program" do you mean mstp? I ask because PPSP students are obviously guaranteed a spot in medical school.</p>

<p>Decidin, no I haven't decided where to go yet. I've narrowed down to basically two choices: Case PPSP and Rice/Baylor. Nice to meet you!</p>

<p>Likewise Siva.</p>

<p>No I mean applying through the Senior Year in Professional studies program in which one substitues their fourth year in undergrad for their first in professional school. 7 years refers to the length of undergrad+med school, sorry for the confusion.</p>

<p>by applying to the 7 year option, do you lose your spot in the 8 year track?</p>


<p>Unfortunately I really don't know anything about the Case program, so I can't be much help on that front. From the factors you described, however, it does sound very appealing. Better medical school, major in whatever and no MCAT! It sounds like you don't really care for acceleration and would prefer to have a normal 4 years of college. </p>

<p>Looking at your pros and cons list, you have more pros than cons for Case, and more cons than pros for BU. That should definitely tell you something. </p>

<p>About the medical science major at BU: someone on the other thread said that you actually can double major. This isn't what was told to me when I visited, so you might want to call to be sure. If this is true, and if Case humanities majors really aren't that strong, that would be a plus in the BU column. Still, I think having 4 full years outweighs any advantages that BU might have in non-science majors. The schedule in the BU program is pretty strict because of the acceleration- every course is outlined for you, and about 1 or 2 classes each semester is left for elective or foreign language. Also, at BU you're required to spend a summer studying in order to be able to accelerate- don't know if that would affect your decision at all.</p>

<p>hope that helps, and good luck!</p>

<p>For the senior year in professional studies, is that the only way students can do PPSP in seven years as opposed to eight? Or is it a track that is totally separate? I had thought that accelerating PPSP to seven years simply required that one use AP credits to satisfy some requirements.</p>

<p>Siva- Yes, senior year in professional studies is the only way the med school will take you a year earlier. Otherwise if you finished undergrad in three years you would have to find something to do for the next year as the med school would not take you. Although it is not guaranteed I got the impression that it is not hard to do as long as you have met the requirements (the requirements by the way are equivalent to 3/4 of major, 3/4 of credits reqd for grad, so you do not necessarily have to overload). I have heard that it does help to be closer to 120 credits as the med school might take the response "well he/she is going to graduate anyways we might as well take them a year early" also being involved probably helps significantly.</p>

<p>Hey! Congrats to those admitted to the Case program. I'm currently a junior interested in applying to Case next year. Could some of you who got accepted post some basic stats so I can see where I stand right now? Thanks!</p>

<p>Decidin: Case v BU</p>

<p>Boston (or thereabouts): world's best NFL franchise</p>

<p>Cleveland: world's best symphony orchestra</p>