Case Western Applicants Class of 2021!

I am kind of surprised that case is going to give waitlist people feedback on April, this is not bad at all

Can those who got admitted and waitlisted post their stats? Just as a reference as I’m curious as to where I fall with the application pool.

I got waitlisted. Just curious, when do we hear back for sure if we get in or not??? Because I know they will send out an email on April 1 asking if you want to remain on the waitlist

DD accepted with 27.0k merit scholarship

Accepted! Does anyone know when financial aid info comes out?

I am reposting mine

Decision: Waitlisted

ACT: 31
SAT 2: Math 2 800 Chem 710
IB Predictive- 39/45

Waitlisted with 34 ACT, 3.9 UW GPA, demonstrated interest (local info sessions, campus visit, applied for scholarships), all AP classes

Accepted with 29.5K merit scholarship.

36 ACT
1590 SAT
UGPA: 4.000
WGPA: 4.4ish (I think…? it appears on my transcript but totally forgot lol)

I’ll probably do a complete stats, ECs, etc. thing once all of my decisions come out. Congrats everyone! and for those who didn’t get in, y’all gonna slay no matter where you go. also admissions seems really arbitrary this year because one of my friends (1570 SAT, 780 Physics SAT II, 800 MATHII, good ECs) got rejected without even a waitlist

Admitted with $29.5k scholarship. 35 ACT. 1560 SAT. 4.00 UGPA. 4.6 WGPA.

does anyone know what the highest value for a merit scholarship is?

29.5K scholarship. 36 ACT, 1550 SAT, 4.0 UW, 4.4W

I got admitted but I can’t find my financial aid. I got a $23k scholarship which is great but I need to know FA.

scroll down the admission letter and you will find the financial letter link

did anyone else get a personal note from McCullough about your app?

Got a 23.5K scholarship.
96.2 gpa (sorry my school goes out of 100)
31 ACT (33 ss)
10 APs
Four years of HS track
Fenced at the national level
NHS secretary
A few other clubs w/o positions

Based off of what I’m hearing from some for you, seems I was pretty lucky cuz some of you have great resumes. Congrats to everyone accepted and good luck to everyone!

I agree with @GettingRekt! The class of 2021 is gonna do amazing wherever they end up:)


Accepted with 23k in scholarship!
In-state, 34 ACT, 3.8 UW top 5% rank, 11 AP’s…
Congrats to everybody who got in!!!

@willz99 your acceptance was well deserved! Don’t doubt yourself kid.

33 ACT
1440 Sat
790 Chem
4.0 WGPA
Won’t be accepting a place on the waitlist because I already got into Northeastern which is my first choice