Case Western - PPSP Program

<p>I checked today with Case Western if they have received all the required SAT scores and found out that if you took your SAT I or SAT II in 2003, your score are not received by Case Western. In my son's case, they received all the scors for 2004 but SAT II Chem taken in june 2003 were not received. I just want to inform all the applicants applying to PPSP program.</p>

<p>Huh? So your scores from 2003 aren't considered?</p>

<p>They did considered them after I faxed them college board score report by fax.The admission counselor told me that they receive scores from college board electronically and goes into Case western system but some how case western only received 2004 scores. My suggestion is to call the admission office and verify that all SAT II subject test scores are there in your profile.</p>

<p>OHMYGODDDD!!!! it was due nov. 15!?!?!?! how can they do this?????????? my sat i score was in 2003 as was my iic!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>i know , i feel you papucutta, case western makes the deadline for PPSP the same as their Early deadline...</p>

<p>and hurrahhh, they're closed for the weekend everyone! as is every other college!</p>

<p>i called every single college im applying to, and only case western DIDN'T have my score report (including 2003 tests--SAT I and iic). they were really nice about it and everything and said that it had something to do with how when they were making everything electronic, they did it based on ssn. they said they didn't have mine.....but when i looked at the print-out i took of the application i sent had my ssn....</p>

<p>everyone who applied to cwru's ppsp, i highly suggest u give them a call and fax ur score report!</p>

<p>wtf, why is it just Case?</p>

<p>guys, CHILLLLLL
i just checked the case site, and although the application deadline was nov 15, NOVEMBER & DECEMBER test dates are still acceptable for PPSP, so dont worry about the scores not being there yet.
i think.</p>

<p>no no uv got it wrong--they'll have gotten all ur 2004 exam test scores. it's just the 2003 test scores, as mail4ner originally u have to do is call them up and explain everything and fax it to them. actually, they say that if it's on ur hs transcript, it's good enough....but i faxed it as well..just to be safe! lol....wat a freak....</p>

<p>welcome to this board, lol. I think it is safe to say that we are all obsessive!</p>

<p>haha i feel right at home.....</p>