Case western reserve business reputation

hello, I know case western has a great reputation for engineering and med but I wanted to know people’s thoughts on cwru for undergrad business. is it worth It because it is super expensive for me?

for some context, i was admitted ea and it is about 25k more than my state flagship (rutgers) - as much as i like the school, i don’t know if it is worth paying that much for business. thoughts?

Where would the 25k come from? If you would need to take loans, then Rutgers :slight_smile: If your family can afford Case Western, then Case: more comfortable and personal, easy to double major or change schools (“whole school” philosophy), cool city - all positives but not worth taking loans for.


If you won’t need loans then Case. The Thinkbox is a pretty cool opportunity if you can get involved. The new business school dean was a professor at my school when I was doing my MBA. He was an excellent teacher then and very accessible so I’m assuming the business school is in good hands. He has the right skills to lead. I really tried to get S20 to apply but he wanted warmer weather so he passed.


maybe @bopper could help out?

What aspect of Business are you doing? Mgt? Accounting? Economics?

Did you get directly admitted into the Rutgers Business School? With Case, it is a Single Door Admissions and you don’t have to be admitted into any subschool.

Did you get admitted to the New Brunswick campus?

How would you pay for that extra 25K x 4 years?

Do you want to end up in the NYC area when you graduate?

Some info;
What happens to graduates?

Rutgers seems like a very good business school!

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