Case Western Reserve Early Decision/Action for Fall 2022 Admission

But definitely have your student reach out to their admissions counselor (Contact | Undergraduate Admission | Case Western Reserve University) and ask what the options are. Like could they do a virtual visit?

I’ll tell her to contact her rep. if she gets in.

She has done an in-person visit as well as an unofficial self-guided in-person visit before they started official visits again. She has done a virtual humanities program and a virtual Arts and Sciences Program. And she did the optional interview. She’s as calm as a cucumber, but I am anticipating her decision for CWRU and another school this month! Thanks

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Anyone know when EA decisions come out?

Dec 21 per their portal. Dec 11 for ED.


Nothing about what time yet?

The email from the Dean of Undergraduate Admission on Nov. 29 says the following:

We anticipate releasing decisions for Early Decision I at 12 p.m. Eastern Saturday, Dec. 11 .

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I posted this same comment on the wrong thread but:

How much does Case’s need-aware policy impact ED applicants?? Can an applicant be rejected simply because they can’t pay enough, even if they have good stats?

I do think it’s a factor. 1 of many that they consider during admissions. They are aware of your financial status. CWRU also guarantees to fill 100% of demonstrated need. So they need to know how many students are full pay, partial pay or zero pay because they will be picking up the tab. Higher education is a business and they can’t bankrupt themselves.

But I don’t think ED students or any students are automatically put in the No Pile just because they have financial need. I do think it can become a factor when all things considered are the same and very similar between 2 candidates and 1 is a full pay kid and 1 is half pay or less for example.

However, what can a student do? We have demonstrated need. We are not poor. I tell my kids they cannot change certain things, like how much their parents earn. So apply well and control what you can control - which started with a student’s academic record in 9th grade. No one applying can change a school’s policy. So focus on what is in your control.


I agree to focus on what’s in your control. Need aware schools at some point during the admissions process (there’s a great deal of variability in school practices) decide which students they will invest in. The schools also have a target revenue the class must achieve, as financial aid funds are limited.

The most important thing is if you are accepted, will Case be affordable for you? Did you run their net price calculator?

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Did anyone get an email this morning that says Parent and Families at the top with the title Why CWRU is the path to a brilliant future ? Just curious if this standard email was sent to everyone. Mine was sent at 7:12 a.m.


We got this too but we are RD



I did too!

Got it too.

Ok, thanks! Haha, funny seeing all the responses! My D is EA, but good luck tomorrow to all the ED kiddos!!

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I got one too. Kiddo applied EA. Ours says 7:14 am. We get a lot of emails and snail from Case. We visited in person this summer and attended a presentation at a hotel in our area. Kiddo also had an interview. I want to read into all the emails and mail, but I know a lot of it is just marketing (good marking in our case … it worked). Waiting anxiously for a decision.


Yes, I know it is all marketing, but in comparison to other schools on our sons radar (EA applicant), I think they do a really nice job. They are the only ones to date that have reached out to parents directly, IMHO it is a nice touch! Kudos to Case. We love everything about what we have seen and heard.


I agree