Case Western Social Life??

Any thoughts on the social life at CWU.
Students who work hard in HS want an academic challenge and fun as well. This is not the reputation for CWU.
Any comments??

We looked at the school this summer. Went to a local establishment where the bartender was in their nursing program. Gave us the story. Athletic events, not much attendance. So no crazy football Saturday tailgates. There are parties if want to seek them out. It’s not a big party school But there are a lot of “sophisticated” things to do – museums and such. Cheap tickets to Indians games too.

Some links to check out:

There is a strong Greek life at CWRU and 35% of undergraduates join a fraternity or sorority,
There are options for 2nd semester freshman, sophomores and some juniors to join the 17 fraternities.

and plenty of parties for those students and students that date those students.
So my son went to plenty of sorority events over the four years, although he
was not part of a fraternity.

My son did not join a frat, he socialized with swimming athletes and really had a good social experience,
with many undergraduates in and out of the Greek system.

Social life includes Cleveland, its not just a campus social life, there is the surrounding area for
dates, and outings, including ice skating, apple picking in the fall, Cleveland Orchestra is a popular
date night thing for those that like music. Senior year parties include cruises on Lake Erie, and
students often go on trips together.

There is a school sponsored trip to a bigger city during fall break, one year it was Toronto, and students go together on that trip, which is subsidized by the CWRU language department.

Plenty of upper class parties on and off campus. Freshman keep busy, and active too, I think its
a social group and big enough that you can find friends with 4000 undergrads.

@Woozle you have probably made your decision by now, so this comment is likely to be stale. Exactly what kind of social life are you looking for? EVERY college/university has social life. But, it really varies. So . . . Case Western - some parties, great Greek life, no football, no basketball, but a really cool city to hang out with fellow students most of whom thrive on conversations that relate to their work, which drives them and is often the core of how they connect.

There is both football and basketball at Case. My son played football for four years. The football team is competitve most years. Last year the football team made the D3 playoffs and finished the year ranked 13th in the country. It isn’t OSU but there is definitely football.

I don’t know much about the basketball team’s competitiveness but I went to a game when my son was in school and the gym was pretty crowded.

Does the campus work hard to organize (non-drinking) events for the students? Other, smaller schools we’ve visited have many campus activities on weekends so that there are things to do and ways to connect. I didn’t get that feeling when we visited CWRU. Maybe that’s why greek life is so popular there?

One of our favorite was the Film Society … A variety of new, old, classic, foreign films.

There is also: University Program Board (UPB)
UPB initiates and coordinates educational, cultural, and social activities for the University community. UPB is made up of several committees, each of which presents several events during the year. Our evenIts range from purely entertainment to cultural and educational, and they involve the entire campus.

Undergraduate Student Government (USG)
The Undergraduate Student Government prides itself on its tagline “Students First.” Given a grant of power from Student Affairs, the USG is charged with representing student interests to the entire University and community. Additionally, the USG supports, guides, and provides funding for more than 200 student organizations recognized on campus.

I am guessing you have to be a student to see the actual events.

UPB organizes concerts, speakers, and such. Since my daughter has been there, she’s attended on campus concerts (Waka Flocka, Sean Kingston, B.O.B + other performers, whose names escape me). They have also had Trevor Noah perform and Hasan Minjah.

Some of the events here were great like Trevor Noah and Hasan Minjah. The ones with free food are always good, but the rest are not as strong.

Our CWRU tour guide really highlighted the bands and concerts, too. However, the specific tech schools (Institutes of Technology) we’ve visited had so many geeky activities papering the walls! I can’t help but think that CW doesn’t match in terms of engineering-appealing (geeky) activities. I want to like CW…just trying to figure out why.

I personally wouldn’t consider going to an Indians game as sophisticated. Fun heck yeah. Sophisticated. Well. ;))

@privatebanker :))

@Pbrain Here is a list of engineering clubs at CWRU:

Case offers a large IEEE student group-


THINK forum is now held at Maltz Performing Arts Center,- Its been a speaker series
since 1931 at CWRU

There is social life with math TA groups at Case.

Phi Beta Kappa is very strong at CWRU: ( math, science and liberal arts majors, not engineers).

@Befuddled1to2 Yes, CWRU organizes lots of freshman events, as all freshman live in themed housing. My son chose the service house, and he was planting gardens in Cleveland, as well as tutoring middle school kids in math, at a local church, as part of SAGES, which is the freshman seminar series. There is plenty to do for freshman, my son was very busy outside of class and little of that was drinking related.

And even the CWRU Greek houses are not all drinking, oriented. For instance Delta Sigma Psi, is raising money to buy a Greek house so the boys are always doing fundraisers for the fraternity, if they join that one. Delta Sig at CWRU attracts a lot of business and finance degree hopefuls. This is one of the largest Greek organizations, and its new
since 2013–

Themes for CWRU freshman housing, incoming students get to pick.

I really like the way CWRU treats the freshman and keeps them engaged. Upper classmen are more on their own
and seem to have a lot more drinking parties than the freshman do. Freshman are kept busy with all sorts of non drinking events, in the residential housing system.

My son did not stick with Greek life as he had a better social life with the CWRU boys swim team, even though he was not a swimmer. He attended almost every home swim meet in freshman year, and cheered on his friends.

He still did that some in sophomore year. By junior year, he had a wider group of friends from his major, and
his teaching activities at Case.