Case Western vs. Lehigh for Computer Science?

Which college would be better for Computer Science, Case Western or Lehigh? Any suggestions, advice, ideas, recommendations, anecdotes would be highly appreciated. Both are asking for similar parent contribution so money won’t be a factor. Just wanted to know which college would be better for the major and for job after graduation. Any pros and cons would also be appreciated. Thanks!

Outcomes are going to be similar here tbh, so I’d pick based on fit given the very different vibes of the two schools. Choosing based on CS strength would be splitting hairs here generally.


It’d come down to fit:
Lehigh: Greek, big party scene, relatively rural, pretty green hilly campus
Case Western: urban, in vibrant neighborhood (university circle), more nerdy, lots of research


In terms of academic rigor, I have heard that Case Western is somewhat/very/extremely/crazily/super/insanely hard or the workload is too much/alot and some compared it to other top/ivy/challenging schools. Is that true? How hard would Case be comparing to Lehigh in terms of the academic toughness? Like is the difference huge or just some difference or similar? And is it manageable for someone who is not ivy level smart or could handle ivy level work? Any ideas?

Both have excellent students that work hard but I dobt think the intensity is different. Its not Reed or Swarthmore :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Full disclosure: I am going to Lehigh for CS and business. I did not apply to case western reserve, so I know nothing about the school.

You’ve probably made your decision by now, but Lehigh has some great interdisciplinary programs. They have both the computer science and business program and the ideas program. The computer science and business program is what it says on the tin, and ideas is a combined degree from the college of engineering and arts and sciences. Both departments in the ideas program have CS, but I’d imagine most do engineering CS and something else in the arts and sciences school. Just another factor to consider.

Which did you choose?

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