Casitas Apartments in Davis

<p>Hey guys Alex here.
I am transfer student and was wondering about Casitas Apartments. They look pretty cheaper but I am no ghetto friendly. SO Anyone lived there? is it good? ghetto or dirty?</p>

<p>Um, why would you think it’s ghetto or dirty? The Casitas Apartments is in North Davis, which is FAR from being “ghetto” and “dirty”, and a good number of college students live in North Davis. Honestly, does [url=&lt;a href=“]this[/url”&gt;]this[/url</a>] look “dirty or ghetto” to you?</p>

<p>North Davis is the nicest part of Davis in my opinion. I live there now and I love it.</p>

<p>No I am not saying it looks ghetto. I don’t even know what’s this look like since I don’t live in Davis! I am transferring so I need to know whether I am moving to a nice area or not. So you guys are saying that I should move there? Cause the rent is cheap… I mean, Kinda!</p>

<p>Well, yes, North Davis is an incredibly nice area. You’re also close to two different shopping plazas in North Davis. A lot of students live there (including myself). North Davis is known for having apartments with an incredibly high student population, more so than apartments in other parts of Davis.</p>