Catastrophic Grades!

<p>I am a bit worried about my trascript and grades once my Mid year report comes in. Here are my grades:</p>


<p>AP Biology- A,A,A,A
AP World History- A,A,A,A
Spanish I- A,A (first semester)
Spanish II-A,A (second semester)
Algebra II Honors-A,A (first semester)
English II Honors-A,A (second semester)</p>


<p>AP English Language-A,B,A,A
AP Chemistry-A,B,A,A
AP US History-A,A,A,A
PreCalculus Honors-A,A (first semester)
Spanish III honors-A,A (second semester)</p>

AP Art History-A,A
AP Microeconomics-A</p>


<p>AP English Literature- A,A
AP Physics- B,B
AP Calculus -B,C
Marine Science Honors A,A (first semester)
Weightlifting Intermediate- not yet completed (second semester, third quarter)
Weightlifting Advanced0-not yet completed (second semester, fourth quarter)</p>


<p>AP American Government- A
AP Macroeconomics-A
AP Computer Science A- not yet completed
Earth Space Science Honors-A,A
Economics Honors-A</p>

<p>As you can see my senior grades will include more Bs than ever and a C. Yes, my school is in block and three AP classes is equivalent to 6 AP classes in traditional scheduling. Yes, I am taking a double AP schedule with tons of online AP courses ...BUT a C is horrid! Also, I switched out of anthropology and law studies to pursue my interest in weightlifting. Granted, the switch is not bad but coupled with the C.....?? What do you think? Notice how ALL the grade ANOMALLIES are during first semester second quarter! This is when I frequently get sick. Should I make a note of this? I will still be Valedictorian (In weightlifting :)) but will my C hurt me MAD:):(</p>

<p>Dude I got similar grades, but then again I'm an international applicant (swedish). Wonder if that makes it worse...</p>

<p>I got two C's.</p>

<p>Now you're making me feel really sad.</p>

<p>Was there anything special (besides college apps) that took up a significant portion of your time and hurt your grades?</p>

<p>college confidential, obviously.</p>

<p>Then he's in trouble :p</p>

<p>i explained my more than any catastrophic grades you can think of that i got in junior year in my essay but nevertheless theyare still catastrophic. why i even bothered to apply? i don't know. i'm determined, i guess: )</p>

<p>I think Bs are okay, but a C can hurt you a little. I understand AP Calc is a tough course, but you show a downward trend in second term, which makes it worse. Don't worry. Try to keep your grades up and make other things on your application fantastic. Good luck.</p>

<p>I got two C's in an honors history course and I've gotten nothing higher than a B+ in any history course throughout high school. I got accepted.</p>

<p>so you have two Bs in 4 years of high school?</p>

<p>yea im sure thats an auto reject.</p>

<p>I think you are not rejected automatically. But, I thought senior year is as important as other years. If there is downtrend in senior year, how will ad coms take it? Will they be okay as long as seniors are not failing their classes?</p>

<p>just out of curiosity, what was your unweighted gpa?</p>