Catching up to Boston College?

<p>It's pretty safe to assume that Northeastern University has caught up to Boston University, or even surpassed it as well (higher statistics, more selective, greater number of applicants, even if BU has a greater student body).</p>

<p>I think TomSrofBoston has mentioned that BC once was a commuter school, much like Northeastern, but soon rose to become one of the elite schools in the Boston area. My question is that is Northeastern going to plateau like BU, or will it continue to ascend in the rankings to reach BC's level?</p>

<p>Who knows? It is still improving every year!</p>

<p>I think endowment has a lot to do with whether a school will continue to succeed. If alumni are giving back and if NU is receiving grants from private and federal institutions I think it will continue to rise. However, NU does have a lot to do in order to get to the BC "level". It would require pushing many quality schools out of their current positions.</p>

<p>Maybe... i got waitlisted at bc and accepted to neu</p>