<p>Are cats allowed in the dorm? I have this vague memory that cats are allowed, but when I checked the website today, it seems to say only pets that can be confined in tanks are allowed. Did they change the policy or something? :(</p>

<p>The policy did change - there are still cats around because people who bought cats before the change are grandfathered in. I know people who have ignored this policy and gotten cats.</p>

<p>Your living arrangement will determine how easy it is to keep a cat. In the North Houses, rooms are bigger, so indoor cats are happier...but you need a roommate who isn't allergic. It's also easier in the North Houses for outdoor cats to just wander in and out of the Houses, because there are no gates. However, people can and do keep cats in their South House singles.</p>

<p>That said, don't bring a cat out here with you - wait until you are settled before buying. If you come to Caltech, then you will go through a "rotation period" where you get a random living assignment for a few weeks, and then if you get into to a North House you will get another temporary assignment while you get to know your classmates and choose a roommate, and finally you'll move again into a permanent (well, one-year) assignment. At any point you could be bunking with someone allergic to cats, so it would be poor form to bring one with you.</p>

<p>oo i love cats! i'm not gonna bring mine all the way out to california, but its nice to be able to see (& pet?) cats in college</p>

<p>Caltech</a> Animal Team</p>

<p>We have a House cat, but she's kind of on her last legs.
She mostly hangs out in one or two people's rooms.</p>

<p>You're allowed to have cats in graduate housing. :)</p>

<p>I has a kitty! </p>

<p>(Although he's a really dumb cat)</p>

<p>We call him Phys 12 cat but he actually does not help with anything. In fact, he probably makes us worse at Phys 12. Thanks, Velcro...</p>