caught stealing?

<p>what happens if a student gets caught stealing from the student store? does the amount or price matter? will they go to jail, get expelled, get a probation? is it going to be on both transcript and california record? are they going to contact hometown/parents? is there anyway that you could get out of being whatever the dean says or having to pay for the crime?</p>

<p>Automatic sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.</p>

<p>if this is a serious question, the simple answer is: </p>

<p>don't steal.</p>

<p>As appealing as the munchies at the front of the store look, I don't think that justifies stealing...</p>

<p>OP when you personally figure it out, let us know.</p>

<p>lol what a noob. How the hell do you get caught</p>

<p>I actually know several people that have been caught. </p>

<p>Surprisingly, the price does matter. I forget the actual $ number but all items that are less than like 10 or 20 $ are grouped as one crime and all items above that number are grouped as another more serious crime.</p>

<p>Not sure why you would ask so many questions. Assuming you or someone you know was caught, you would already know the answers. If you are trying to see if its worth it, you are an idiot lol.</p>

<p>It differs in each instance obviously, but you will be taken to the police station near UCLA and charged. You will be on probation of some sort and yes it will be on your academic and criminal record. You will have to pay a fine and show up to a court date. And no, you do not get to keep what you tried to steal.</p>

<p>No they won't call your parents. You are an adult now, lol. </p>

<p>Is there any way to get out of taking responsibility for your actions? is this a serious question? There isn't a secret word or handshake that you can do to remedy your problems.</p>

<p>^^^ no **** - it's called petty theft vs grand theft. Petty theft in California is anything under $950 while grand theft is anything over $950. </p>

<p>Petty theft is only a misdemeanor (aka a slap on the wrist) while grand theft can actually go either way depending on your criminal history, the amount of the theft, and the actions during the theft (ie, did you rob someone at gunpoint).</p>